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Friday, Lake Nakuru Safari

Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Friday, September 13, 2019
The driver from Baboon Safaris picked us up at the hotel at 07:30. The other person on the tour was Margo from Costa Rica and she was staying at the Best Western Meridian as well. The driver took us to the tour office so we could pay our balances.

We headed to Lake Nakuru which took about three hours. We had lunch in Nakuru and then did a three hour safari. We saw all of the usual stuff and about six rhinos. The famous flamingos were way off in the distance so they were hard to see. The rhinos also weren't very close.

After the safari, we went back to Lake Naivashu and they dropped me off at Burch's Resort which is right on the lake. I checked in to my cabin and then had dinner at the restaurant.


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