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Friday, Jiayuguan Fort and Overhanging Great Wall

Jiayuguan, China
Friday, July 27, 2018
It was a gray morning so I waited until the afternoon and caught Bus 6 right in front of the hotel and went to the Jiayuguan Fort. The fort was kind of interesting but the gray day didn't make it very photogenic. There was a herd of camels outside the fort walls that made some nice photos.

After the fort, I took a 25 CNY taxi to the Overhanging Great Wall site which is about 11 kms away. It is the end of the Great Wall of China and the wall is scenic but very small. The views from the last and highest watch tower were nice.

After the Great Wall site, I took a shared taxi back to the fort to catch the bus back to the hotel. After getting off of the bus, I had a sugar water at a little store with seating and sat outside for awhile. The people are always delighted when the foreigner hangs around and joins them for awhile.

In the evening, I walked downtown through the big park on the way to the food street and saw the huge dolphin meteorological tower that is lit up with light patterns that constantly change. The Chinese really know how to light stuff up. The park is officially called the Jiayuguan Donghu Ecological Scenic Area.

At the food street I had a big plate of fried mutton with green peppers. The green peppers were the spicy ones this time so they fired me up pretty good. I was able to eat most of them by avoiding the seeds. The restaurant family was delighted with me and the kids came over and stared at me and talked to me for awhile.

I took a taxi back to the hotel because it was late and a long way and I'm never sure if the food is going to turn on me.


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