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Friday, Hiked to Velji Zalazi Abandoned Village

Kotor, Montenegro
Friday, November 1, 2019
At about 09:00 I walked to Dobrota which is the next town over along the bay. I found the trailhead to hike to the top of the massive mountain to an abandoned village.

The trail was marked with faded painted arrows and circles but I lost it a few times. The trail was really rough and there were steep parts with loose rocks that were really hard to get up. It took about three hours to get to the top. The views of the Bay of Kotor were amazing and you could see all the towns along the coast.

I got into the creepy abandoned town of Velji Zalazi at about noon. I climbed over the rock fence into the church graveyard and had lunch there. I didn't see anyone else on the trail and there was no one in the village. It wasn't an open area so that made it feel weird because I couldn't see what was going on.

I was going to go down a different way but it took so long to get to the top that I didn't think there would be enough time before dark to find another trail. So I decided to go back the way that I came up even though hit was really rough. The trail going down was easier to follow so I never lost the trail and it was a lot easier. It only took about an hour to get to the bottom and then about 30 more minutes to walk back to Kotor.


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