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Friday, Great Wall of China at Badaling

Beijing, China
Friday, June 29, 2018
Up at 5 am and had coffee in the room. Left at 6 am to go to Badaling on bus 877. Big line waiting for the bus but they were running continuous buses so the wait wasn't very long. I had my full sun gear on so it wasn't too bad standing out in the blazing 7 am sun.

Got to Badaling and the tour guide told us to buy tickets which included the Toboggan Slide that goes up and down to the wall. Bad mistake since there was a huge line waiting for it. The line wrapped around the hill so you couldn't see how long it was. If I could have seen how long it was I would have aborted immediately. There was also no way to get out of the line since it was fenced in and there was a mob of people bringing up the rear.

Finally got up to the wall and it was worth the wait. This is the first time I had been there during the summer and it was beautiful. I walked the North side loop and it was very difficult. Some of the ups and downs were almost vertical. My legs were pretty rubbery by the time I got down. I would have liked to have done more but I was wiped out and the sun was brutal.

I took bus 877 back at about 1 pm and there were hardly any lines.

Went back to the hotel to mess around and wait for it to cool off a little. I went out again in the evening to go to the Wangjufung Street Food Market but it wasn't at the same place anymore. Instead, I ate spicy won-ton at a typical restaurant and it was hot and delicious.


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