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Friday, Flew from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal

Friday, October 19, 2018
Left the airport hotel at about 07:30.  The Uber driver got lost on the 3 km drive to the airport and I had to guide him in.  He kept saying "I'm new", "I'm new".

Got to terminal 3 and got through everything in about 45 minutes.  They didn't ask for an onward ticket even though I had a real one for a change.

Security was extra strict and slow and they took away my little tiny bathroom scissors. I attempted to get some Nepal rupees at the currency exchange counter but they said that Indian rupees can be used in Nepal. I found out later that it is true that they will grudgingly accept Indian rupees in Nepal.

When we got close to Kathmandu, the airplane corkscrewed it's way down and then landed. During that here were some epic views of the huge mountains poking through the clouds and then the green terraces of the Kathmandu Valley.

Immigration was a slow mess for foreigners because they have self-service machines which are hard to use, don't work very well, and take forever to enter all of the required information.

I took a taxi to the hotel which was right in the middle of the tourist area in Thamel. It was really touristy with tons of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. I had street food for lunch and dinner.


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