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Friday, Exploring Chitwan National Park

Sauraha / Chitwan, Nepal
Friday, October 26, 2018
Had breakfast at the hotel at 07:00 and then hopped in a safari jeep with a group from Slovakia. We took a boat tour of the river and saw some nice colorful birds and a bunch of marsh crocodiles and thin-snouted gharial crocodiles.

Next we went for a walk in the woods but only saw some spotty deer way off in the distance.

After that we went to the government elephant breeding place to look at the poor chained up elephants and their calves.

The next stop was in town where they were letting people get on an elephant in the river and then the elephant would spray them with water. That was pretty fun to watch.

In the afternoon, we took a jeep safari into the national park. We saw a few rhinos in the heavy brush at a distance, a few birds, and some deer. It was hard to see from the jeep since it had a roof unlike the ones in India that were completely open so you could stand up and see a lot better.


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