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Friday, Crossed the Border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Friday, August 24, 2018
Checked out of the hotel after breakfast at about 7:45 am and walked the four blocks down to catch the East-West buses to the Sayran Bus Station. It was early enough that the bus wasn't packed yet. Got to the bus station at about 08:00, bought my ticket, and I was the final person to fill up the minibus to the border. It still took the driver about 10 minutes to round everybody else up so we could take off.

The trip to the border took a little less than four hours. It was pretty comfortable. We checked out of Kazakhstan and in to Kyrgyzstan with hardly any lines. The border officers were pretty relaxed and didn't ask too much.

On the Kyrgyzstan side, instead of waiting for our bus to cross over, I just took a taxi to Bishkek because it was only 500 som (about 7 USD) and he said he would take me directly to the hotel. I got out where said that the hotel was but it was wrong. I thought it was just going to be a tricky entrance but the whole building was being renovated. Google Maps showed a different location for the Compass Hostel a few blocks away next to the Turkish Embassy so I found it that way.

At the hostel, everybody was panicky because an older German lady had hit her head and was bleeding a lot. They had called the ambulance and were waiting on it. The ambulance finally got there and they took her to the hospital.

After checking in, I went out for lunch at a delicious Kebab place close to the hostel. I ordered a kebab expecting a wrap but I got a big plate of meat, bread, and veggies. I barely had enough som to pay for it so afterwards I went to an ATM to get come currency.

It was cloudy and rained a little in Bishkek so it was nice and cool as I walked around the center of the city and looked at the big statues in the parks. I also bought a SIM card from a newsstand but then found out later that I also have to add money to it from a mobile recharge machine. I found the green recharge machine on the street and some young girls helped me with it since there was no English option. The girls were delighted to speak a little English and help the ignorant foreigner with this simple task.

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