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Friday, All Day in Pingyao

Pingyao, China
Friday, July 6, 2018
Tried to sleep a little later since nothing will be happening in this little place for awhile. Also, the big hotel gate/door is probably still closed.

At around 8 am, I walked right outside of the North Gate and had a delicious basket of pork Dim Sum for breakfast. Then went to a bigger than normal grocery store that I had seen yesterday by the ATM.

Bought the 3 day pass to all the attractions in Pingyao for 130 CNY. A little pricey but they don't sell individual tickets to the walkway on top of the city walls.

Took a nice long stroll on top of the walls and there were only people near the entrances so had long stretches of it to myself. It is unusual in China to have anything to yourself without a bunch of people around.

The Western side of the wall was closed for construction so you can only walk from the North gate to the South gate on the East side. It took about an hour to casually walk that part.

Later had a delicious lunch of Chinese style spicy eggs and endless tea. The kettle of tea cost as much as the food so I won't order that again.

After lunch I went to the Bus Station outside the North gate to check on buses to Jiexiu for tomorrow to go to Mianshan mountain. It looks like it's pretty easy to do without booking a tour. First bus leaves at 7:20 am.

I also booked my train for Xian on Ctrip for Monday, July 9th. It's a fast train so will only take about 3 hours even though it's a lot farther than my previous two six hour slow train trips.


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