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Day 9: Amsterdam to Hamburg to Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Had a full breakfast at the Hotel Bellington, packed up, and checked out. Left our baggage in the reception area with the nice Chinese lady.

Used our 24 hour tram pass to go back out into the suburbs to the big supermarket to buy some road food for the all night bus trip to Sweden.

Went back to downtown Amsterdam and messed around. Kate bought a belt at H&K. We ate lunch by the Amstel River but it was pretty cold so we didn't stay long.

Took our last look around downtown Amsterdam and then went back and picked up our luggage and headed by tram to the Amsterdam Station and to the bus station which is next door. We used the crap out of those tram passes.

Waited a couple of hours for the bus. On the bus ride, there were some sketchy Africans drinking in the back. They went to the bathroom which was right beside us every few minutes to smoke.

At the border crossing into Germany, one of the Africans and one other guy were taken off of the bus since they didn't have proper id. Wasted an extra hour at the border waiting on the police to decide if they could continue or not.

Rode all night. Had to get off of the bus for the ferry crossing from Germany to Denmark. Went up and sat in the restaurant for 45 minutes for the trip.

Stopped in Copenhagen which looked very cool at 5 in the morning. Then continued on for another hour to Malmo, Sweden.

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