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Day 8: Another full day touring Amsterdam

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Spent all morning making travel arrangements to Sweden. Decided to go to Malmo first so the trip wouldn't be so long. Booked it through Eurolines buses.

Also had to switch rooms for some reason. The new room was on the same floor and had a bathroom which was a nice surprise.

Had lunch at the Italian deli next door to the hotel. Turned out to be very expensive since everything was by weight.

After lunch we went to find the bus station. Took the tram to Amstel Station and the Eurolines bus terminal was right next door.

Later rode the tram until we saw a big super market and got off to buy some sandwiches and food the the over night bus trip.

Later in the afternoon we were walking around downtown and we found a tour of a church that went up into the tower for views of the city.

Took the tour which was excellent. The climb up to the tower was super steep and very narrow so Kate freaked out a little. Saw the huge church bells and got a nice history of the church.

Took some excellent photos from the church tower. Later Kate bought some clothes and I bought an Amstel Sterk beer to drink in the hotel.


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