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Day 73: Spent the day walking around Paris and shopping

Thursday, June 17, 2010
We slept late and had lunch again in the mall close to the hotel. We bought food in the super market and ate it on a mall bench.

Next we headed to another mall to look for Kate's stores because it is essential that she buys clothes in Paris. The mall was a few RER train stops away and it was right by the station so we found it easily.

After that went to downtown Paris and found another huge mall at Chatelet Las Hallas which was the stop for the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.

We kept finding more of Kate's stores so she happily shopped while I walked around the river and the Notre Dame area. Didn't look very impressive so far and there were huge crowds everywhere. Headed home and bought dinner at the big super market again and ate in the hotel.

After dinner watched Mexico play France in the World Cup and I had a few heinekens from the vending machine in the hotel lobby.

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