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Day 71: All Day Scenic Train Trip from Nice to Paris

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Left the hotel and took all of our gear to the train station. Bus #12 wasn't very crowded so we didn't have to fight with anybody to get on with all of our stuff. The train to Paris had plenty of luggage storage and we were the first ones into our car so had no headaches with the big suitcase. The French coast and countryside were spectacular with castles, beaches, and lush greenery everywhere.

Got to Paris and took the RER subway with some help from a friendly guy at the train station. The people often help us without us even asking them as we are trying to figure out the subway maps and signs. The RER is the train and subway system that is beyond the metro subway.

We got to the final stop, Rosny Bois Perrier, and had to walk all the way around a mall and cross under a major highway to find the hotel. Luckily I spotted the huge sign on the horizon.

A half-blind old man from the train was trying to help us and he kept driving by and yelling directions which contradicted what we knew. At one point he was yelling at us and ran right over the corner curb of the sidewalk. He really wanted to help us.

The hotel room turned out to be nasty and depressing even though the lobby and the pictures on the internet were nice. We went back to the mall we had passed for dinner at a Mexican place and then Kate found all of her favorite stores.

Later spent a few hours in the lobby because the WiFi doesn't reach our room. We bought our train ticket to London and tried to find a decent hotel for our final week. There were a lot of sketchy people staying at the hotel, Africans, Russians, Middle-easterners as well as backpackers and businesspeople.


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