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Day 66: Train from Bologna to Nice

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Leaving Bologna was sad since it was the perfect base to explore the other cities and attractions of Northern Italy. We enjoyed the easy going atmosphere of this picturesque and cost-effective little city with its arch-covered sidewalks and it's laid back bike, scooter, and bus travelled streets. It's young population was also pleasant and friendly.

We dragged and carried our massive amount of luggage the 8 or so blocks back to the train station and caught our morning train which wasn't very crowded. The trip to Nice required three train changes and went like this: Bologna to Milan to Ventimiglia, Italy to Monte Carlo, Monaco to Nice, France.

In Nice, struggled onto a packed bus to go to the hotel. I had to yell at an old lady who was making comments about our big suitcase. I cursed her in Spanish and she understood park of it.

Finally found the hotel with some help from people on the street. Hotel Danemark, nice place but no WiFi, and only one block from the beach and boardwalk.

We were right on the main street and close to the central ped walk way. Walked down to the center and looked at souvenirs and found a restaraunt for dinner.


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