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Day 65: Day Trip from Bologna to Milan

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
We were planning to go to Pisa to see the leaning tower but we found out that the early train was the only cheap one to Pisa so we decided to go to Milan instead.

Got to Milan three hours later and took the subway to downtown. We came out of the subway at the Duomo stop and the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe, the incredible Duomo di Milano, stood before us.

We had lunch and finally got a decent plate of pasta. After lunch Kate went shopping while I went back to the church and looked around and then took a tour of the roof which had walkways and steps to walk all around it for some fantastic views.

Got back to Bologna at about 8 pm and bought our train tickets to Nice for the next day, leaving at 7:52am and arriving at about 5pm. It was the hottest day yet in Italy and we were sweating profusely on the train and then back in the hotel room without a/c. I asked the hotel guy if they had any fans for the rooms and he brought us a nice big oscillating fan which made a huge difference that night.


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