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Day 61: Train from Ancona to Bologna

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Got up early on the ferry because people started coming around and making racket. Got to Ancona on time and it was mob scene trying to get out of there. It took forever to get off of the boat but immigration was a breeze because most people where Italian and they got right through with their ID cards.

Went to the train station and found out that the cheap train to Bologna left in ten minutes so I rushed back to Hotel Fortuna to get the huge suitcase out of their storage. We then rushed around asking people where our train stopped because we couldn't find it on the big board. Barely made it to the train and headed off to Bologna.

The trip to Bologna took about 3 hours. Since we didn't have a hotel reservation we went to McDs right by the station to use their wifi. They had wifi but there was some complicated signup procedure which required an Italian cell phone to receive the signup info. So we had lunch and then I went off to find an internet cafe. Couldn't find one and I just got farther and farther away from the train station so I aborted the search and headed back to McDs where Kate was waiting. We decided to put the big bags in luggage storage at the train station and then went to find an internet cafe. Finally found one and found a hotel that wasn't too far from the train station. Went back to the station got the big bags and walked about 15 minutes to the Hotel Ideale which was nice but a few blocks into a sketchier part of town.

That evening went for a few slices of Pizza not far from the hotel. The pizza place was next to a big church that was taller than it was long.

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