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Day 60: Bus from Plitvice to Split and Night Ferry to Ancona

Friday, June 4, 2010
Got up early and had our last delicious House Tina breakfast and walked out to the main road to catch the all day bus to Split at 9:45 am. The bus came by early and we headed off to Split and got there at about 4 pm since the bus took a longer route by the coast with some nice scenery.

In Split we had a few hours to kill before the ferry opened for loading so we walked around the old palace which had some souvenir shops and little narrow streets and alley ways. We bought our usual souvenirs and then went to wait in line for the ferry. There were already a couple of bus groups waiting so it was another mob scene.

Again we were among the first to get on the boat but it was a different boat so we had to scramble to find a good place to sleep. The bar closed at midnight so we couldn't use the couches. We found a long carpeted corridor with tables and space between the table and the wall where we could make a sleeping nest without people stepping on us. Other Italians were fighting over the chairs and tables and moving other people's stuff around so we couldn't leave our table.

At about 11pm I unscrewed the lightbulbs in the light fixture above us and we spread out on the floor like everybody else. The floor was extremely hard so it was a rough night's sleep. I had to turn over every hour or so because it was painful in any position after awhile.

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