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Day 6: Dublin to Belfast to Amsterdam

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Got up early and hiked with all of our crap to the Busarus terminal which was about 30 minutes away.

The bus to Belfast left at 8am and arrived at about 10:30am. We caught another bus to the airport for almost the same price.

At the airport, they searched every inch of our carry-ons and all of the stuff in it. We had all of the cameras and power cords which probably looked suspicious in the x-ray machine. We were joking around in Spanish while the lady dug through our stuff and glared at us suspiciously.

Got to Amsterdam and after the usual confusion, bought tickets, and caught the train to Central Station.

Took a tram from in front of Central Station to the specified stop in the museum district for our hotel, and asked around and looked confused until we found the Hotel Bellington, which was pretty close to the tram stop.

The charming hotel was located on a nice street with all of the most expensive stores but it was pretty dead. The hotel had no elevator and an extremely steep and narrow staircase. It was almost straight up. We had to share a bathroom on a different floor.

After checking in we walked around and found a really lively area behind the Hard Rock cafe. Had expensive pancakes at a place and then walked around some more.

Amsterdam is very lively and there are people riding bikes everywhere so you have to watch out for them as well as cars, buses, and trams.

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