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Day 59: Another Day Touring Plitvice National Park

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Went to the park again and our tickets were still good. Found the park shuttle bus and bought round trip tickets on it. We did a repeat of the day before but kept going to the other half of the park. Took some great pictures and video.

There were fewer school groups this time so it was much better. The park was excellent but the best scenery was right at the beginning so the second half was kind of a let down. At one point we took a boat ride across a lake to continue the hike. Had a nasty hamburger inside the park for lunch.

Rushed to catch the shuttle bus that was leaving at 3 pm and barely caught it. Kate ate lunch again at Hotel Grabovac since she couldn't eat the nasty hamburger inside the national park and we bought a few souvenirs there too.

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