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Day 58: Exploring Plitvice National Park

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Had an excellent breakfast of sandwiches, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and cereal at House Tina prepared by Tina. We were talking to an American guy at breakfast and found out that his wife was Nicaraguan. Kate thought she would probably be a chola but when she came in she turned out to be a highly educated and sophisticated older lady who was an architect. We had a nice conversation with them and they offered to drop us off at the park since had a rental car and they were going in that direction.

The park was fantastic and the best waterfall was right at the entrance. I found out that I had left the big camera battery in the hotel room so we were only using the little camera. After about an hour Kate started feeling bad and she wanted to go back to the hotel. I thought that I could drop her off and then return to the park but it took us forever to get out of there and then catch a bus to go the 12 kms back to Grabovac. At one point we got caught in the middle of a school group on the walkway over the water and we were stuck going extremely slow for a long time. One we got to Grabovac we had lunch at about 2 pm and then went back to the hotel so she could recuperate.

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