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Day 57: Bus from Split, Croatia to Plitvice National Park

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
First day of June. Got to Croatia at 7 am and joined the mob scene at immigration. We cut right into the line just like a bunch of other people and went right through. There was yelling and screaming in the lines because of the cutting. One guy with horrible teeth was screaming in an old man's face.

The bus station in Split was right in front of the ferry terminal so we just had to cross the street and buy our ticket to Grabovac which is near Plitvice National Park. The bus ticket girl first sold us a ticket to the wrong Grabovac and it didn't leave until 5 pm. Luckily we were still sitting in the bus terminal when she came over and said it was wrong and we had to do it again. The correct bus left at 8:30 am so it turned out to be much better.

We had a quick coffee next door to the bus station and then headed out. The bus driver and his assistant were young guys and not very friendly. We kept asking them questions to try to figure out where Grabovac was so we would know where to get off to find our hotel, House Tina. We figured it all out and got off at the right spot after having to pay a little more since the hotel stop was beyond the National Park stop. From the main road where the bus stop was we had to walk around to a little neighborhood with houses with hotel rooms. We went down the wrong street first and asked some people where the hotel was and they barely knew even though they lived almost right next door to .

Finally got to the House Tina which was a house that they had added on to and it had a bunch of rooms, a huge dining room, and cabins in front. We got a nice room with good internet. They also had a washing machine so we got to do a real load of laundry for the first time on the trip.

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