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Day 56: Night Ferry Ancona, Italy to Split, Croatia

Monday, May 31, 2010
Before breakfast I went to buy the ferry tickets and Kate stayed in the hotel room. Had to take a bus to the ferry terminal and wait until 9am for the ticket office to open. Got back to the hotel just in time for breakfast before it ended. The ferry didn't leave until 8:30 pm so we had all day to kill.

Took the bus downtown and walked around. Kate found a Zara so while she was in there I hiked up to the lighthouse at the highest point on the island. It was tricky to find with all of the little alleyways and narrow streets. The lighthouse was a weird place with signs that said military zone so I stopped at the gate and took some pictures of the view of the ocean and the backside of the island. There was no one around.

It started raining so we hunkered down in a nice place downtown for lunch. We had the usual Spaghetti a la Carbonera and some vegetables al gratin which were delicious. Once again the pasta was disappointing.

After lunch we went to an internet cafe and then back to the hotel where we had checked out and stored the big suitcase and asked them if we could hang around in the lobby for a few hours until it we could board the ferry at 6:30 pm.

At 6:30 we were among the first people to arrive so we had time to scout out the boat and find a good place where we could sleep. We found a curvy couch in the non-smoking part of the bar that was long enough for both of us to lay down with a little overlap. The place eventually filled up and people were coming in just to eat dinner and they would sit at our table without asking and they left all of there trash when they left. We agree that the Italians are indeed more social.

The place finally calmed down and we hunkered down on the couch. Kate didn't want to sleep end to end so she had her head down around my knees and I was afraid that I would knee her in the face while sleeping. The couch wasn't super comfortable but we had a decent sleep.

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