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Day 55: Train from Rome to Ancona

Sunday, May 30, 2010
Had another superb breakfast at the Hotel Giotto and then headed to the train station with the big suitcase in tow. We got there extra early and sat around and watched people. There are always suspicious looking people hanging around in the bus and train stations. Our train gate number finally appeared on the big board so we hopped onboard. It had plenty of room for the big suitcase in the space by the bathroom and there were hardly any people in our car.

Had a nice scenic train ride from Rome to Ancona. There were little villages usually with a huge church or palace purched on the highest hill and lots of wheat or rye fields. When we got to the coast near Ancona the train went right along the beach which was full of people and umbrellas.

Our hotel was literally right in front of the train station so we just had to cross the street and enter. Great room but no free internet. Ancona was dead and full of Pakistanis and Cubans for some reason. For dinner, we walked around and finally found a pizzaria that was open. This was the real thing and the guy whipped up our pizza right in front of us. He had it made from a ball of dough and cooked in about 10 minutes.

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