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Day 54: Last Day in Rome

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Made some more rounds in Rome to buy souvenirs and bought our train tickets to Ancona to catch the ferry to Croatia.

Went to the coliseum again and walked from there to the huge Piazza Venezia Vittoriano palace. Went to the plaza behind the piazza that is up the hill a little ways. There were several brides gettings their wedding photos taken there. One was a big mama. Had a salad at a packed McDs for lunch. Had to share a table with another couple. Found out that the McDs didn't have internet.

On our way back to the hotel we got lost because we had taken a different route and we couldn't remember which way to take the bus back to our stop. We asked some guys for directions but they sent us to the Plaza Giotto instead of the Hotel Giotto. We took a nice bus tour to the outskirts of Rome and then went back to the starting point. Found the correct bus but then took it the wrong way and got off at the subway stop that we knew and walked back to the hotel.

We bought some food to take back to the hotel for dinner and ate in the room.

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