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Day 51: Flight from Athens to Rome

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Took it easy in the hotel until about 11 am and then took the metro to the airport to catch our flight to Rome on EasyJet. Smooth trip, Kate waited in line so we could get good seats on the plane since EJ doesn't have assigned seats.

Landed in Rome and made a long arduous trip to the hotel. First took the express train from the airport to the metro then the metro to our stop and then walked about a km with all our baggage to the hotel. There were little tiny sidewalks but so many cars were parked on them that we had to walk in the busy street dragging our massive luggage. The last few blocks were straight up hill so Kate got pretty frustrated and started speaking furiously. Finally made it to the hotel dripping sweat and in bad moods. Hotel Giotti was nice but had no WiFi and the room got really expensive for the week-end.

Went to dinner at a nice place close to the hotel and flirted and took pictures with the cute black waitress. We had some disappointing spaghetti and a delicious fritata and a carafe of white slightly sparkly wine.

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