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Day 50: Return from Cairo to Athens

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Took it easy in the hotel until about 11am and then took a taxi to the airport for our flight to Athens at 2:30pm. Everything went smoothly and we made it back to Hotel Elite and our friend George the Greek was working. He was happy to see us and Kate gave him the two souvenirs that we had bought in Egypt, an ash tray and a pyramid.

Went to the main shopping street later and I waited outside while Kate shopped. There was a disturbance as some guy grabbed a young thief who trying to steal his backpack or something. There was a lot of yelling and the police came and took the guy away in handcuffs. I think he was saying that he did it because he didn't have anything to eat.

Later when we got to the hotel George had bought us some gifts, a hat that said Greece and a necklace or something with beads. We felt bad because we thought that we had made him feel obligated to buy us gifts.

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