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Day 49: Last Day in Cairo and One More Trip to the Pyramids

Monday, May 24, 2010
Got up a little late and went to Pizza Hut for lunch via the metro. Then walked over to the Egyptian Museum and blew through it in about an hour and a half. It's a huge place but there is a lot of stuff that isn't tagged so we didn't know what it was. Saw King Tut's stuff but they wanted an extra $20 to go into the special room to see the mummy so we skipped it.

After the museum, Kate was feeling tired so took her back to the hotel. The hotel guy lent me his cell phone to call our Egyptian family and tell them that we couldn't go to dinner with them that night. Then I went to the pyramids by myself for a final look around.

Took the metro back to the Giza stop and caught a taxi with a meter that turned out to be about 17 pounds. Got there at about 4:30 and they close at 6:00 so had to rush around a little.

Walked around the three pyramids and took a few more pics. Each pyramid had police on all sides to keep people from climbing around on them. All of the camel guys gave me there sales pitch and followed me around.

Went to the Sphynx last and found the kids to take some pictures of me kissing it and stuff. The police wouldn't let them in so they climbed up a rope and over a fench to get in. I oferred them a few pounds but they said they only accepted bills so I left. One of the kids was a loud mouth and followed me out the exit where the guards were. One guard grabbed him and punched him in the arm a few times. I ran up and acted like I was going to punch him too.

The loud mouth kept following me and yelling on the outside after I gave the other kid a few pounds so I threw a rock at him and almost nailed him in the head. That shut him up.

Caught a taxi back to the metro and headed home. The metro car I was in kept filling up with only women so I started looking around and realized that men and women were in different train cars. I switched to an all male car and thought that maybe that was why they were always staring at Kate on the train.

Picked up Kate at the hotel and we went to Mcds for dinner and then to the same big market to buy our final souvenirs. Bought a couple of things and then Kate had an intestinal urgency so rushed out of there, grabbed a taxi, and made it back to the hotel just in time.

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