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Day 47: Last Day in Jerusalem

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Had a horrible night because the room was full of agressive mosquitos. We hunted and killed a bunch of them but there were many more. They bit the crap out of us all night and we only slept about 5 hours.

I got up at about 9am and went to McDs for coffee but everything was closed for the sabbath. There was one little convenience store open so I bought cokes and chocolate cinnamon roles. Went back to the hotel and the manager helped me buy bus tickets online and then Kate and I booked rooms in Athens and Rome for the coming days. Didn't book a room in Cairo since we're not sure we can make it back in one day.

At about 3pm went back to McDs for lunch since it had opened then went to the old city to buy the rest of our souvenirs. Instead of bargaining and fighting with the store people, I started laying the money on the counter and then leaving if they didn't accept it. This infuriated one guy who started yelling at me. I sent Kate back to accept his price and he yelled at her and threw her out too. Later bought all of the same stuff for the same prices elsewhere.

Kate was feeling bad so we went back to the hotel at 5pm to relax.

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