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Day 45: Eilat to Jerusalem

Thursday, May 20, 2010
Caught our five hour bus to Jerusalem and got there at about 12pm. Went outside and caught a local bus to the Old City and had a hard time figuring out where to get off since hardly anyone spoke English and there didn't appear to be a hotel area anywhere around. Got off at the Jaffa Gate stop and finally found a hotel zone on Jaffa St outside of the Old City. The hotel was 300 sheckles which is $80 and was run by a friendly older Jewish guy who got to know us.

Accidently found an excellent buffet style Jewish restaurant and some meatballs and other spicy stuff for lunch.

In the afternoon went to the Old City and walked around. Entered a few famous sites like Mary's crypt, David's Tomb, and Jesus' Tomb without realising what they were until later.

Had another bad night because there was a bar behind the hotel with live music until late. I slept through it because I was exhausted, like usual.

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