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Day 44: Cairo to Taba, Egypt and Crossed over to Eilat, Israel

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Got up early to take the subway back to the bus station to catch the 9:30 bus to Taba, Egypt. Bus ride was pure desert in Egypt. Stopped in the middle of nowhere for a snack and bathroom break in a nasty place with horrible toilets and aggressive flies. Went through some dramatic mountains which were pure rock. Several trucks had crashed along the road. One looked like it lost its brakes and slammed head-on into a rock wall and completely pancaked the cab.

Got to the bus station in Taba and walked to the Israeli border which was about 1 km and did the exit and entrance. They were pretty strict with Kate on the Israeli side since her passport picture is way out of date and doesn't resemble her. There were a couple of hot Israeli girls running the check points. Once we got through the entrance we forget to change money so we had to take a taxi who accepted dollars to the town which was about 10 km away.

We got a not too cheap hostel and it turned out to be the worst place that we had stayed because it hadn't been cleaned and it was super noisy. There were partiers screaming and yelling and banging on doors all night.

That night went to a burger place and had a decent meal and then went and bought bus tickets to Jerusalem at the bus station which was across the street from the hostel.

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