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Day 43: A Second Day Exploring Cairo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Went back to Mogamma, the government complex to pick up our passports and then went to Cairo Gateway bus station to get tickets to Taba to go to Israel.

In the evening, took to subway to the Giza stop and a local guy helped us get a cheap taxi to the pyramids. As we got close to the pyramids the touts came running out and tried to stop the taxi and even get in with us. We locked the doors so they couldn't hop in. A horse carriage guy pulled his rig in front of the taxi to stop it and offer his horse ride.

At the pyramid gates, we found out that everything was closed for a private party and there would be no laser light show. A new taxi driver/tour guide latched onto us and we got him to drive us to the Old Market which turned out to be pretty a quick cab ride from our hotel.

Went through the massive market and had a good time negotiating for stuff. We bought some stuff from a cluster of family run stalls and had a good time joking around with them. They also served us mint tea. The main guy was yelling at everyone and I was trying to get Kate to record him bargaining with me. Every time we turned on the camera he got real friendly and started laughing. I bought a tee shirt and a magnet from them.

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