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Day 38: Awesome Day Driving Around Santorini and Seeing the Sights

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Got up at 8:30 and went and had coffee with the hotel people since apparently we were the only ones there. The hotel guy had the car ready and I paid for the room and car. It looked like his personal car since it was diryt and he didn't ask about insurance or anything so it was a casual deal.

Drove around the island and took pictures. Went all the way to the other end to Oia and then to Fira for lunch. Parking was a hassle and the little streets were tricky since there were cars illegally parked and blocking half of the road in many places. Had a good lunch and then walked down the path that had the fantastic ocean and town views and took photos. Got down to where the famous donkeys were parked to take people on down the rest of the way to the docks.

Went to book our return ferry and found that we could either arrive in Athens at midnight or take a night ferry and get in early in the morning so decided to take the night boat even though we had a hotel for that night. Ferry was 34 euro per person and departs at Friday night / Saturday morning at 12:30 am or so.

Later we drove around some more and then went to the hotel to relax. That night we drove back to Fira to take some night pictures with all of the lights, bought some souvenirs and then drove back to the beach for dinner at Meteorio again.

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