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Day 37: From Athens to Santorini, Setting Sail on the Aegean Sea

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Got up before 6 am checked out of the hotel but left most of our luggage and took the subway back to the ferry dock to catch to boat to Santorini at 7:25. Boat was pretty full and we had to move inside because of the smokers and chilly breeze. We sat and played on the laptop and Kate listened to her walk-man.

The boat made about 3 stops at different islands. Took some nice pics of white buildings on brown islands. The time flew by and we snuck into the comfy seats in first class and slept a little.

When we got to Santorini we were treated to spectacular views of the white building all along the top of the mountain and coming down the side to the little harbors. Got off the boat and took a bus to the main town of Fira. Then had to wait an hour for the next bus to the beach where our hotel, the Glaros, was in Perivolos.

Finally got to the hotel and had to wait while they got our room ready even though it was already past 5:00 pm. The employees were sitting around smoking and drinking beer when we got there. The main guy finally got there and we made arrangements to rent a car from him for two days.

Later we went down to the beach which is about a block away. It was black sand and then little rocks near and in the water that were hard on the feet. I made the plunge into the chilly Mediterranean and it wasn't that bad. The water was completely clear and calm. I flopped around for awhile while Kate took pictures of me. Later showered and went to dinner at one of the many restaurants along the beach. We went to the busiest one that had live music. The waitress was also the MC and dance instructor and she was really nice. We did our usual and shared one meal of Greek salad, soup, and a kebab on pita.

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