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Day 36: All Day Touring Athens, Greece

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Kate slept until about noon and then we had lunch at the same place as the night before. Walked to the entrance to the ruins where there were a bunch of little stores where I bought a Greece tee shirt.

We took the subway to the ferry docks to buy tickets to Santorini. Kate got pick-pocketed on the subway and lost about 30 euro, an ATM card, and her Costa Rica ID. Luckily I was already carrying her passport since she kept putting it in her purse. She doesn't like the under-the-shirt waist pouch since it makes her look fat in the pictures.

We rushed back to the hotel to use the laptop to call the bank and cancel the ATM card. There weren't any charges on it so we only lost the cash.

Later bought tickets to Egypt online for after we return from Santorini on Sunday.

In the evening, had dinner at Goody's in Omonia Square and bought some water for the boat ride the next day. Later went to the hotel next door, Hotel Aden?, which had a rooftop terrace and bar and had a beer and took some pics.

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