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Day 35: Bus from Thessaloniki to Athens

Monday, May 10, 2010
In the early morning, passed through some very scenic mountains in Greece. Got to Thessaloniki at 8:30 am and walked about a kilometer from where the bus dropped us off to another little bus station to catch the bus to Athens. Had to ask directions a few times because it was a little complicated. Bought tickets for the 10 am bus, found an internet cafe to make hotel reservations, and then headed to Athens.

Arrived in Athens at about 4pm and the bus stopped really close to the hotel but it still tooks us a while to find it about 5 blocks away. Athens was really sketchy with illegal Africans and Pakistanis all over the place. The police were running around chasing them. Found a nice sidewalk cafe for dinner. Had kebab, a greek salad and french fries.

After dinner found a supermarket and a hardware store to buy stuff to fix the big suitcase which is disintegrating more every day.

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