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Day 34: Overnight Bus from Istanbul, Turkey to Thessaloniki, Greece

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Checked out of the hotel, stored our bags in the back, and went to the Grand Bazaar one last time. The bazaar was closed but the stores around it were open. Later took a little ferry over to the Asian side for the first time and set foot in Asia. Went back on the same ferry and then went to the movie, Remember Me.

After the movie, waited until 8pm at a coffee shop, picked up our baggage, squeezed into the tram, which wasn't as full this time and walked the few blocks between the tram stop and the subway stop which included carrying the huge suitcase up an overpass and then down into an under pass. A nice young man helped me carry it up the overpass.

Caught the big, comfy bus at 10 pm and headed to Greece. Once again had to get out at the border stops and stand in line. The Greek side took about an hour. Slept pretty good on this bus and it wasn't very full. Istanbul was one of our favorite places.

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