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Day 33: Another Great Day Exploring Istanbul

Saturday, May 8, 2010
Took the tram across the water (but still in Europe) to the main pedestrian shopping street which was packed with people. Walked all the way back to the bridge on the other side. Near the bridge was the ancient Galata Tower which is a tourist attraction. We paid to go up the elevator to the tower lookout to take some pictures. Great views of the mosques, water, bridge, etc.

Next we walked across the bridge which was packed with fisherman, traffic, and the little ferry boats were buzzing around in the water below. On the other side of the bridge there were hundreds of people in the streets and in the outdoor markets along the water. People everywhere.

Took a long trip by tram and subway to the west side bus station to buy tickets for Athens for the next day.

Had dinner at a bakery near the train station which had sandwiches and pizza. Later went to a hotel with a rooftop terrace for views, drinks, and photos. Got some nice evening sunset and night shots of the fabulous Blue Mosque.

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