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Day 31: The Grand Bazaar and All Day Exploring Istanbul

Thursday, May 6, 2010
Arrived in Istanbul about an hour late, at about 9am. At the train station, we did the usual routine, got cash, found the tourist info office to get a map, and tried to figure out the public transportation. The Tourist Info guy was useless and we glared at him. We finally figured out how to use the tram to get to our hotel which wasn't too far away.

The tram was packed with people so we had to shove our way in with full luggage and then try to figure out which stop to get off at. We asked some people and they gave us bad info and we got off one stop early. Figured out the problem, got back on the next packed tram and got off at the right stop.

The hotel was a couple of blocks away from the tram stop and not too hard to find by map. After checking in to the hotel, we went to eat at a typical local buffet style place. Food was exotic and excellent.

Next we went to the Grand Bizarre which was really close and started dealing with the aggressive salesmen. Kate got trapped by one guy selling really expensive fake purses in his shop and she couldn't escape so I had to intervene and get her out of there. The guy acted really mad just like the psycho carpet sellers.

That night we had dinner at a sidewalk kebab place which was excellent. The waiter, Murat, really really like Kate as usual and he brought me some free tea. After dinner we took some pictures with the restaurant people and they enjoyed that.

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