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Day 30: Sinaia to Bucharest to Bulgaria to Istanbul

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Got up early, checked out of the hotel, the hotel lady called us a taxi, and we went back to the train station. The train was a little late and the huge suitcase wouldn't fit anywhere. This time our seats were in a cabin with six other people. We stood between the cars by the bathroom for awhile with the big suitcase but people kept coming in there to smoke so we gave in, left the huge suitcase in the outside passage and took our seats with the other people.

Arrived in Bucharest and just stayed in the station to wait for our train to Istanbul at noon. Killed a few hours in McDonald's which was inside the station and then went to our private sleeper car in the train. The sleeper car was small but cozy and I spent hours sitting in the window and going out in the hall to the window on the other side to see the excellent views of the Romanian and then the Bulgarian countryside.

Romania was interesting with herds of sheep, storks in huge nests on top of telephone poles (like the ones in Poland) and horse-drawn plows and wagons. Bulgaria wasn't as interesting but had some nice mountains. It was mainly just big farms.

The train was mainly backpackers and wasn't very full. That night the sleeper car was pretty cozy with the shade drawn and we slept pretty well.

At the Turkey border in the middle of the night, instead of the border police coming through the train, we had to get off and wait in line. I had to buy a tourist visa for $20 but Kate didn't need one. We waited in the main line about 30 minutes before the border people showed up.

We've now been travelling for one month.

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