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Day 3: Train from London to Holyhead, UK, Ferry to Dublin

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Got up at 7:30 and took the subway to Euston for 8£ and one change.

At the train station got our tickets out of an automatic box by inserting our credit card. Took Virgen Trains to Holyhead. We had trouble finding our seats since they had a weird numbering system. Great views of England from the train and it took about 3 hours.

The ferry had restaurants, casino, movie theater, store, etc. We never found typical seats and everybody took the tables at the restaurants so we wandered around until we found space on a bench by the elevator. Bought a tiny fountain coke in the restaurant for 3£!

Got to the Dublin docks, got Euros from an ATM, and caught the only bus to downtown. The bus went to the Busarus bus station downtown and we had to walk quite a ways with all of our stuff. Got directions along the way and finally found the Leeson Inn. It turned out to be pretty close to everything and very nice and relaxed compared to the London hostel.

The night went to a street with restaurants, stores, and bars about 3 blocks from the Leeson. Had an expensive dinner at burger king and then found Spar our new favorite grocery store.

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