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Day 29: All Day Tour Around Sinaia, Transylvania, Romania

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
All day tour with Chip to Dracula castle, The Citadel, Brasov, and lunch at a different ski resort. Dracula's Castle was pretty boring but the other stuff was nice. Walked around Brasov and went to the Black Church and then to some stores. Chip was pretty friendly and he showed us pictures of his lady and kid. He pulled over for some nice scenic photos of the mountains and the view from above Brasov.

The Citadel was closed but we walked up the hill to take some outside pictures. The place was roped off and there were a couple of guards at the end. We took some funny pictires with one of them acting like he was going to whack me with his nightstick. We exchanged emails with the guard, Nicolai, since he wanted to see the pictures. He wrote us later and asked for money.

Before heading back to Sinaia, we had Chip stop at the train station in Brasov to buy our tickets to Budapest which were about 30E each. After he dropped us off at the hotel, I walked down to the train station to buy tickets to Bucharest for 7 am the next morning.

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