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Day 28: Arrived in Sinaia, Transylvania, Romania

Monday, May 3, 2010
In the middle of the night, the border police mounted the train to check passports for the exit from Hungary and then the entry to Romania.

In the morning, went through some spectacular mountains and it looked like Colorado.

Arrived in Sinaia at around noon and took a taxi to the hotel, Pensionaia Dona, which was about 2 kms away on the other side of the little town. Our taxi driver, Chip, offered to take us on a tour the next day for 40€.

Sinaia is a ski resort and is close to Dracula's Castle and some other historic sites. Walked through town and had lunch at a restaurant in a different hotel. After that went to the tourist office to find out about castle tours but there weren't any so we called Chip and arranged an all day tour for the next day.

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