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Day 27: All Day in Budapest and the Night Train to Romania

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Checked out of Ibis and left bags in storage. Went down to the other side of the river and walked up a big hill to a big thing with a church and towers with a great view of the river and the parliament building.

In the afternoon, walked all over downtown to find a movie theater that we saw on the internet. Took about 2 hours to find it. The Europeans give lousy directions. Saw 'When in Rome'.

After the movie, went to the train station about an hour early and found out that the train left from a different station. Went to find a bus and then decided to take a taxi since it was about 9:30pm. The station wasn't very far so didn't have to pay too much. At the correct train station there were gypsey's bothering people and begging and generally lurking around and looking at people's luggage. Once again we had trouble getting into the right car and had to move a few times when people started getting on at later stops.

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