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Day 24: All Day in Prague and All Night Bus to Budapest

Thursday, April 29, 2010
I got up early and went to the bus station to find a bus to Budapest. Had coffee at the place and waited for the final bus company to open at 8 am. They were the only ones who had an overnight bus to Budapest so made those arrangements. Went back to the hotel and booked an Ibis hotel in Budapest. Packed, checked out, and went to the bus station to store our stuff and then went back downtown. Went across the famous Charles River bridge for the first time and walked up to the Prague Castle on the other side.

The whole area around the Prague Castle was fantastic including the main church. Took tons of pictures and then walked over to the Mirador in the big park. The place was full of people but we went up the stairs to the top of the Mirador and took some great pictures of downtown and the river.

Went to bus station at about 9:30 to wait for the bus to leave at 11:30. The bus people were extremely rude and complained about our huge suitcase and then wouldn't let us take our backpack on the bus. The bus hit something in the middle of the night and stopped for about 30 minutes checking the damage.

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Joanie Alcine
Love your web site. It makes me feel less empty and lonely and releases my emotions. Regards, Joanie Alcine