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Day 23: All Day Sightseeing in Prague

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Went downtown and walked around. Went to an open air market and to a tourist info office to get a map. Went to the main square and saw the famous clock ding the hour with the saints moving around in the windows. Went up in the clock tower for views and to take pictures.

Later went to the river and had coffee in a little outdoor cafe right on the water. Went to some more souvenir shops and Kate bought an egg with Mary and Jesus painted on it.

Ate a hotdog from a street place that turned out to be a grease bomb. Found an H&M for Kate and she bought some stuff. Went back to the hotel early. Later went back downtown to take some night pictures of the Charles Bridge. There were other people there with their tripods doing the same thing. Had dinner at McD's and then went to the hotel.

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