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Day 22: Warsaw to Prague

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Checked out of hotel at 7:30 and took a slow bus to the bus terminal to catch our Prague bus at 9am. It was a 12 hour slow bus ride with many stops and no border check. At the dinner stop we were able to get some Czech money for the subway when we arrive. Also had to get some more Polska money in order to buy something for dinner.

Got to Prague at 9:30 and took the subway to our hotel's stop. There were a lot of people in the subway so it wasn't dangerous. The subway was on the honor system and we only bought one ticket because we didn't have enough change for two. It didn't look like many people were paying anyway. We had to walk two dark and isolated blocks with all of our stuff to get to the hotel.

Luckily didn't get lost, asked directions and got right to the hotel. The hotel was full of kids on a field trip or something.

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