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Day 21: All Day Exploring Warsaw

Monday, April 26, 2010
Arrived in Warsaw 5:30 am at the central train station. Had a lot of trouble finding our bus mainly because the driver was sealed in a glass cubicle so we couldn't ask him any questions to confirm that we were on the right bus. We knew the number but didn't know which direction to get on. We tried to get info from a lot of people but they weren't real helpful. The Polish like to yell at people as their normal way of speaking.

Finally made it to the hotel and checked in. The hotel was a huge cavernous cement number with all of the personality of a state institution. Napped for two hours and then headed back to the center to walk around.

Walked down the Royal Way past important buildings to the Old Town which was really nice. Went up a tower to take some pictures from above which is my new fun thing to do. Had a coffee and snacks in the main square of Old Town in an outdoor coffee shop. I asked the waiter to take a picture of us and he dropped the camera onto the cobblestones and it hit hard but survived somehow. The waiter was a little freaked out for having done that. We also finally started paying for buses since we found out where to buy tickets.

We really enjoyed Warsaw and the people were a lot friendlier even though they yelled at us a few times. We liked Poland better than all of the countries since Holland: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. Had a quick dinner at the hotel and went to the room to pack.


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