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Day 2: Seeing the sights in London

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Got up a little late at 9am since we were exhausted from the trip and time change. Went to the tour office to book the train and ferry for Ireland but we just ended up using their WiFi. Found a great deal on the internet, 30£ per person for a train and ferry package from London to Dublin. Took 2 hours to make arrangements and book everything on our little travel computer.

Had fish and chips for lunch at the Devonshire Inn which was just opening. Later walked all over starting at Trafalgar Square, then over to Westminster Abbey, the Thames, the Parliament building, and Big Ben. Walked on the other side of the river to get good photos of everything.

Had coffee in a little place behind the London Eye and then went on the London Eye which had fantastic views of downtown.
Took tons of pics even though it was an overcast day.

After that walked all the way along the river to Tower Bridge and the London Tower. Walked across the bridge and with a ton of people and cars. Went to the some gift shops and bought postcards, a flag sticker, a family crest, etc.

Waited by the London Tower until dark so we could take pics of the bridge with lights. Took the subway back to Picadilly and had dinner at an Italian place.

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