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Day 19: Tallinn to Riga, Latvia By Bus

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Got up at 5am and left the hotel at 6am with all of our gear. Walked about 5 blocks to the nearest stop for Tram 2. It finally showed up and we made it to the bus station in plenty of time.

People in the streets were leaving the discos and heading home from the night before.

Five hour ride to Riga. We slept about half the way. There was some nice scenery of mainly farm land, little towns, lakes, and some beaches. Kate had reserved an apartment in Riga instead of a hotel. It was close to the bus station so we got there and waited for the guy who was supposed to meet us at noon.

Guy showed up and helped me lug the big suitcase up about 5 flights of stairs since there was no elevator. The apartment was huge and very nice with wood floors and nice decor.

It was freezing outside so we didn't walk around much. Had lunch at a delicous pizza place in a mall right by the hotel. The prices are about as cheap as Estonia.

Dropped Kate off at the apartment since it was too cold for her and Riga was about like Tallinn and she wanted to relax in the chic apartment.

I went over to the main church which was just a few blocks away and went up into the tower for views of the whole city. Since the church tower had been destroyed in WW2 and restored later there was an elevator to the top. First time that I didn't have to climb all the way up. Great views at the top but also a powerful freezing wind.

Went back to the apt and found Kate with no electricity since she had blown the master fuse. We finally found the main fuse box out in the hallway since none of the fuses in the fuse box in the apt had been tripped.

Later went to the bus station to find out about luggage storage and the overnight bus to Warsaw.

Went to McDonalds to use the WiFi for a few hours to book the bus and hotel for Warsaw. Spent a few hours there with all of the people staring at us. Everybody stares at us every where that we go.


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