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Day 17: Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia by Ferry

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Got up at 7am, had a huge full breakfast at the hotel at 8am, caught the Free Bus to the airport, and caught the 615 bus to Helsinki. It's a brisk, overcast day in Finland. It started raining and snowing. Walked from the Train Station to H&M so Kate could buy more lovely stuff.

Walked the rest of the way in the light sleet to the Linda Line Ferry Terminal about 5 blocks with all of our baggage. Ferry left right on time at 12N. It's a smaller high-speed boat that only takes 2 hours to cross the little arm of the baltic between Scandinavia and Estonia. Our bags are getting heavier but the huge roller suitcase we bought in Stockholm for 30 EUR is holding up great.

Got to Tallinn, Estonia and walked over to the hotel which was really close and checked in. Great hotel, Tallink Express for only 29 EUR. Went downtown and walked through the maze of little cobble-stoned streets and buildings from the 13 and 1400's. St Olaf's church was close so we paid to climb up the tower and take pictures of all of Old Town. Great views of the the other churches and the famous Gothic Town Hall.

Had lunch at a restaurant in the basement of a 600 year old building which is now a hotel. The food was cheap and fantastic. Kate had a soup that she loved so obviously we will return for more.

Later walked all over Old Town, which wasn't very big, and took lots of pictures. In the evening, returned for another soup at the Olive restaurant and the waitress thought we were a little strange.

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