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Day 16: One Full Day in Helsinki

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Went to breakfast at the hotel (included) at about 8:30 and filled up. Kate wasn't feeling great so she stayed in the room while I went to Helsinki to make ferry arrangements for Estonia and look around for the last time.

Went inside a church and saw a demonstration at the other, white church. Had a typical Finnish snack of herring baked into a bun, delicious.

Bought a postcard and a frig magnet for 7 euro. Went back to the hotel at about 2pm and then we walked over to the mall which turned out to be huge and had everything.

Ate burgers at Hessburger at the mall and then found two huge Walmart type stores on the bottom floor. Messed around there for a few hours and then went back to the hotel.

Booked a hotel in Estonia for two nights for 29 euros per person per night, the cheapest yet.

Bought a CF card reader at the mall for 20 euros so we could finally see the photos from the big camera.

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